Teara Lander

Hey Ya’ll!



Teara is a 30 year old wife to a wonderful man named Gerard and the mommy of soon to be one-year old Gerard II. Additionally, she is completing her doctorate in educational leadership emphasizing higher education, social justice and underrepresented students. She considers herself non-denominational and until college she didn’t know there was more than protestant and catholic. She is a military brat and was raised by two christian parents that attended a protestant service on a military base most of her life. She is a doctoral student, actively writing a dissertation. However, when she is not working on the big D she enjoys reading books she doesn’t have to site, spending family time and watching television. Teara uses the KJ version for this project and she posts on Mondays!

All of Teara’s posts can be found here: https://goodbookgirls.com/author/tearalander/