The Good Book Girls is a collaboration project between women from all over the country to explore our Christian faith and inspire others.  We are from different backgrounds, traditions and churches, some participate in church leadership, and others no longer attend regular services.  Some are strangers, some are friends, some single, married, mothers, graduates, graduate students, employees, business owners, and so much more, but what we all have in common is the desire to grow in our faith.

The idea is to read the bible together.  To bolster one another’s efforts, to listen to one another’s ideas, and raise up the voices that aren’t our own.  We won’t always share an opinion, and we don’t always share beliefs.  But that doesn’t matter, because this is about exploring our minds and our faith and sharing all of that with our dear readers.  This blog is our space to create.  It came from nothingness, and was encouraged by our Creator, and we pray the Spirit of God will help us form it into something wonderful for us and for you.

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