Go for Broke…

In John 12:1-16 it tells about Jesus going back to Bethany days before Passover. He is invited to eat dinner and was served by Martha. The dinner was attended by the disciples and Lazarus whom Jesus had rose from the dead. Back then people traveled by foot and they wore sandals on dusty dirt, rock covered, unpaved, feces cursed roads. Their feet would be filthy to say the least. It was customary for a slave of the house to clean the feet of a guest as they arrived to the home. That is why it is was such a HUGE event when Jesus knelt down to clean the feet of the people. That was designated as a job for the lowliest of people with no social standing.

So in this house Mary, a known harlot, woman of the night, prostitute, washed Jesus’ feet with her tears that she cried out of thankfulness and gratitude and dried this man’s feet with her hair…her HAIR, people. Then she broke and poured her precious, EXPENSIVE, an ENTIRE year’s worth of wages aromatic oil (Nard oil) onto the FEET of Jesus. She was ridiculed and thought dumb for pouring this expensive oil on the physically dirtiest part of a human at that time.

Mary offered the greatest offering she had to give to Jesus at that time… her tears, her love, and her oil. She was so grateful for his presence, mercy, forgiveness, and so much more that she, I imagine, did not care what she looked like or what she had to sacrifice in order to give Jesus the best offering she could think. She just wanted to give her best and from her heart.

Everyday we wake up we should approach Jesus with the same heart as Mary. Giving him our all. The BEST, MOST PRECIOUS, TREASURED of our all. Not the left over from the day, crumbs, scarps, devoid of energy pieces (Unless that is TRULY all you have to give…because it bes that way sometimes. Life, am I right?). We should do all this from a place of love because He first loved us. Because He showed us mercy when we should have died. He gave us forgiveness when we didn’t deserve it. We have to do it no matter what others think about it because it isn’t about them. It is about the relationship between you and God. No one can honor Him like you can because only you know to the extent what He has done for you and what He truly means to you. The best part of it all is  God loves it when His children lavish Him with their best. Please remember everyone’s best looks differently. We are NOT to be the judge of someone’s best.  He isn’t looking for flashy. He wants genuineness and from the heart!

“Go for Broke”

When we are in worship at church my husband says (he may have gotten it for his mentor, Jo) “Go for broke.” Just like Mary broke that jar of oil and gave her all and kept nothing for herself we should do the same in our daily worship with Jesus. We should never leave the stage after ministering without having given our all as a sacrifice to Him. This should be a daily mindset in every area we are blessed to be. Our lives are meant to worship to God not just what we do on Sunday mornings. Everyday we should pour out our all for God. Let people call you foolish. God will call you blessed.

So I challenge you to “Go for Broke” and pour it all out like oil for God. SOOO many will be blessed by it and so will you!!!!

PLEASE take a minute to listen to and meditate on this song. Let it sink into you as you go about your day.  Go for Broke and Pour it our Like Oil and watch things around you change!


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