The Church as Love 

I am applying for jobs and I have been applying to different Christian colleges and universities that ask about my faith statement and faith walk. I have only had experience in secular institutions so I never had to think about my faith statement in a professional or educational context until recently. I answered that I believe in prayer and I believe that as Christians we should lead with love. As I read Acts 2 this morning and the devotion discussing the church as love, I felt comfort. 
I felt comfort because I didn’t realize how much I was supressing my faith in the professional setting. Attending schools in a predominantly Christian state was comforting but I think it was a bit of a falsity. I say that because we aren’t really allowed to exercise our faith in the ways we would like because of laws but then I realized being loving is enough. Living with love, teaching with love and giving love was enough. God is love and as his children we should be in a constant loving and thankful state of mind. 

Although, I haven’t been in a Christian academic setting I have been living as God would have us to and I have been loving to my coworkers, students and fellow classmates. Today I encourage anyone that feels as if they are lost or not doing enough remember to live with love in all you day. 
Happy Monday, 


One thought on “The Church as Love 

  1. I did not read this before I wrote mine today!! You unintentionally suppress and I show too much. Neither are bad God is in them both just in different ways. Esther did great things for her people but did not talk about God that much and God used her so much! I am having a hard time transferring my skills learned in church into the business world. You have given me comfort that I am not alone in my struggles but that God is dealing with us all in this season. You will get the job you want! Just speak on what and who God is to you and you will be fine. You will knock them dead and wow them as you always do!


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