2 Samuel

Look for the Helpers

The world today is disheartening.  This week, in particular, with the events in Manchester affecting so many children, and Coptic Christians simply seeking a space to worship in, it is hard to imagine that this is the modern world, and not ancient times.  Our bible reading today, which is recounting ancient times, reminds of the cruelty then, but also of the hope.  Today’s passage opens with David calling for the survivors of the assault on Saul.  He calls for them so that he may show the kindness of God.  Our God – the same God we, as modern Christians, seek to embody and display.

The world is disheartening.  But as Mr. Roger’s mother told him, look for the helpers.  While these attacks are not acts of our God, the responses we see are.  The way that people in communities band together: providing free taxi service to get people to the hospitals, restaurants opening kitchens to get coffee and food into emergency personnel, folks unlocking their wifi so others can share news, and hotels opening their doors to those who can no longer safely travel home.  This is the kindness of God, shining through us, his messengers.

This holiday weekend, show God’s kindness to one another.


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