Hymns · Luke

Open Tomb and Open Doors

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Easter story, Christ’s rise from death.  Today’s passage talks about but that same day, but with time comes another understanding of these events.  This week, the company I have worked at for four years announced they will be closing our offices.  Last summer I started graduate school knowing I would eventually leave this place for a new start in a new field.  I long ago came to terms with the imminent good byes- but the 200 other people around me were not in that place mentally, so it has been a hard week.

In today’s passage, the King James translation (KJV) uses a word that very much represents this week, “perplexed.”  Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Mary the mother of James found the tomb empty and were perplexed by situation, even with angels waiting to remind them of the good word it was in that moment dumbfounding and disorientating.  When the un-imagined happens – be it the unexpected loss of a job or the rising of our Lord, a moment of confusion is allowable.  God know’s our human capacity and the speed (or lack there of) our brains work at.  But then we must respond to this door opening. Remember your mama’s saying?

When God closes one door, he opens another.
-Every Christian mother consoling a disapointed teenager everywhere

Mama’s everywhere had a point.  God closed the door on Christ’s life and death in that moment.  For the faithful women and apostles he closed the idea of his gifted-clergy status right then and there, but what he opened was so much more powerful.  Christ with this new door, is our God in living and breathing form, upon the Earth.

Many of my co-workers stand with doubtful Thomas at the moment – they cannot believe this is an opportunity for faith and a renewed adventure.  But like him, they will turn around.  Because business men closed this door for us, but God has provided an open door, we just have to find it.

Faithfully yours,

PS- Shameless plug for friend of the blog (full disclosure: Teara Lander and I are both related to him, though he never pays us nothin’) Thomas Flagg and his work at Calvary Worship in Dallas.  Their new album Sound of Grace is out everywhere you can buy music and it’s great.


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