I am still catching up on some days that I skipped and as I was reading for today I didn’t have much to write about but when I read a January reading I skipped I knew I should be writing about it instead but when I returned to review they were very similar. Both of the passages discussed allowing God to order your steps in your marriage, with your children and among your friends.

I read about marriage and allowing God to guide your steps in your marriage. What therefore  God hath joined together, put asunder (Matthew 19:6). It is a scripture I have heard at every Christian wedding I have attended. I have heard it in toasts and vow renewals and as a married woman I resonate with this idea. When you know that your marriage was orchestrated by God if/when obstacles arise you know that God is with you and your spouse. Additionally, Jesus is also blessing children during this time and his disciples wanted to send them away but Jesus had to remind them that the kingdom of heaven is also theirs. I coupled marriage and children because I have heard in different mom groups and from expecting mothers that they want to maintain their relationship with their spouse. They don’t want to lose themselves because they have children. They don’t want their entire world to revolve around their children. I think all of these are valid concerns but I also think that when you allow God to order your steps and you seek him first you can put your mind at ease. I’m not saying that having children is easy or that being married is easy or simple.

If you’re concerned about your marriage or your children or your relationships in general, God knows your heart continue to talk to him. Speak life into your marriage, children and friends lives. I often pray that I am the best wife for my husband and the best mother for my son. The reason I make it specific to them is because I don’t want to be just a good mom. I want to be the mom that my son needs and the same goes for my husband, I want to be the wife that he needs. Recently, I have included being the friend and sister and cousin that those respective people need. I think too often we get caught up in a one size fits all model but God is so great that he doesn’t need us to be the same. As friendships go, I have never been a person to have a multitude of friends but I have a pretty large family and anyone that is a friend is automatically like family. When I was reading the devotional and came to the part about friendship it took me back to the premarital classes my husband and I took. When the priest asked us if we had mutual friends we both laughed and thought it was a silly question but he wanted to know if we would have advocates for our marriage and for the other if/when we reached obstacles. He wanted to ensure that if I complained about my spouse or was mad at him someone outside of our marriage could advocate for us if we chose not to advocate for ourselves. At the time I thought, I suppose we do have those people but I also thought, what a blessing it is to have true friendships. People that want the best for you, that pray for you and love you.

On this Valentine’s Day eve, I challenge you to let God order your steps, keep you on track and show you the way you need to go. Know that God loves you and that he will guide your relationships.

Have a wonderful week!



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