1 Corinthians · Proverbs

Seven Things…

I am behind as always. I am supposed to post on Thursdays. Lord, help me with my time management!!! I apologize! I had my scripture picked out I just forgot to post about it. I hope y’all still love me =).

Proverbs 6: 16-19  (Message Bible)

Here are six things God hates, and one more that he loathes with passion: (1)eyes that are arrogant, (2)a tongue that lies, (3)hands that murder the innocent, (4) a heart that hatches evil plots, (5) feet that race down a wicked track, (6) a  mouth that lies under oath, (7) a troublemaker in the family.

I am not sure why this scripture stuck out to me but I kept going back to read it. I think because it appears so simple that I figured there had to be a much deeper meaning to it. God always had Jesus teach in parables and in stories that people could easily understand and relate to. I think it was the same with Solomon and most people who wrote in the bible.

So, the scripture gives you a picture of the human body: eyes, tongue, hands, heart, feet, mouth….then family, as a whole, that makes up “one body.” As I did a quick study for more clarity it all began to fall into place for me.  Our bodies are a vessel that God created, designed, and destined for a purpose from the beginning of time: glorify His name, worship Him, and spread the word of His goodness. It totally makes sense that God would hate when we use his beautiful creation and do evil with it.

Here is my breakdown of understanding:

  1. Eyes of the Arrogant…

    The eyes are how we see ourselves, how we see others. They are the place where judgment happens. The source of pride. Pride is the cause of the fall of man. Pride has destroyed NATIONS upon NATIONS. Pride has destroyed relationships between man and man and God and man.  When some one sees themselves as too good and not needing help they have already failed. God made all His creations to be in relationship with Him.  The moment Pride steps in and we take things into our own hands we start to destroy things. People are cray cray! God wants us to lean on him and see ourselves how he sees us but to ALWAYS put our eyes to Him for answers and direction so His will can be done.

  2.  Tongue that Lies…

    The tongue is a crazy strong muscle in the human body. It never gets tired and it moves in so many awkward ways. They are just strange things! It kinda does its own thing, right? Even James , in James 6:8,  said, “but no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.” I know I have to work TIRELESSLY to control my tongue, like, LITERALLY! I have to stop myself to make sure what certain that what my mind thinks does not casually walk off my tongue. I remember going through a season in college where i had prayed and fasted for God to help me control the words that came out my mouth. Scripture tells us that the power of life and death are in the tongue. Wars start with words spoken, love is found through action of the tongue, reconciliation can occur with the movement of the tongue, healing can take place with words from the tongue. There is so much POWER in that little thing. The crazy thing is, the tongue only says what you are thinking. It will only say what is in your heart. It will only say what you have constructed in your mind. This is where lies come in. A lie in intentional. You have to think on how to form a lie, how to maintain a lie, and to believe a lie in order for it do what you intend; to deceit or ruin. Those things are harmful to others. They break down the walls of trust, cause discord, and can literally get people killed.
    God wants us to be one body working together. A tongue that lies breaks it all down.

  3. Hands that murder the Innocent

    Our hands are meant to DO the work of God. God created each and  every one us. We are to work as one unified body. Can you imagine how much His heart breaks when one of his creation, his children, take the life of another one of his hand crafted, eternity developed creations?

  4. Heart that hatches evil

    Proverbs4: 23 says that “out of the heart are the issues of life.” People always say to trust your heart but if your heart is not int he right place to start with then trusting your heart is a bad idea! Like, REALLY! Jeremiah says,  “the heart is deceitful above all things and is desperately wicked.” You may think you have it under control but when you are pressed against the wall you may react in an ungodly manner, you know what I mean, cussing, fussing, taking back, being snide, becoming quick to anger. When it says God hates a heart that hatches evil it means a heart that brings forth evil. What flows from your heart and off your tongue shows what you are allowing to settle into your spirit. What you are making a priority?  Be careful.

  5. Feet that race down a wicked track and (6)Mouth that Lies Under Oath

    Your feet take you to destinations.  They do not just walk you there on their own. You have to make up in  your mind to go there and THEN your feet take you there. Your feet are the tires of the body. They can not go unless directed to.When people go down the path a wickedness it is not all of a sudden. It is a process that required a series of thoughts and actions.  It is an overflow of what they are exposing their hearts to and filling their hearts with. If we expose our heart and eyes to the wrong things on a continuous basis we tend to go down that path. When we fill our hearts with the word of God and we expose ourselves to the ways of God our path will not end up being the one of wickedness.


  6. Troublemaker in the Family

    1 Corinthians 12:12-27

    One Body but Many Parts…

    We are all apart of the body of Christ. If you are purposely causing discord within the body, causing division, breaking off body parts ,emotionally or physically, so that they can not function then you are being a troublemaker within the body of Christ. You are not allowing the body to operate to its full potential. You are then  causing the move of God to be slowed. You are also not showing the love of Christ…

In order for any of the 7 things that God hates to occur you have to not be focused on God and intentionally going against his will. I know this post was long but I could not find a way to condense. I think it was more for me to come to this conclusion:


I pray that your affections are focused on God. That you get into his presence so that you overflow with his love and presence everywhere you go. Let his words roll off your tongue, may your feet take you to places God wants to send you, use your hands to hug and love someone, ask God to give you His eyes to see what He sees so you know where to go and who to impact. Gives us a heart that is after you, God!

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