Allow God to Send You

So let’s talk about Joseph. After I read the reading for today I just kept thinking Joseph is better than a lot of us. Like, honestly his brothers left him for dead… in a well. I mean he could have easily been furious! He could have easily sent them to their deaths or cursed them or just not been open to them. Yet, he forgave them and he realized that God ordered his steps. If it weren’t for them leaving him in that well he wouldn’t have the opportunity to work with the Pharaoh and then become a king. In today’s society we would say, everything happens for a reason but in when we think about it God sent us. Just like Joseph God sent us so that we could be a blessing to someone or because that is simply where he needed us to be at the time.
I met my husband at 18 years old in college. We didn’t date then and we were just friends but 8 years later we reconnected and we’re now entering into our third year of marriage. Prior to us dating God lead me to Kansas which was nowhere near family but God needed me here and that is where I reconnected with my husband. Allow God to send you where you need to be and although it may not be a fun process always trust God anyway.


I encourage you to look at the events in your life and see how God has sent you to learn, grow, and live the way he planned. Think back on a time that you questioned why you were doing something and see how that led you to where you are today.

All the Best on this Monday!


2 thoughts on “Allow God to Send You

  1. I think this is the biggest struggle for Christians today. It is so easy to get caught up in the heartbreak and struggle of the moment, it is hard to remember that each experience in our lives, be it temptation, setback, pain, or success is a stepping stone towards a stronger relationship with God, and our place in his larger plan. Thank you for writing this reminder Teara, it’s just what I needed this morning.

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