Faith and Mercy

As you have learned, we do not have anyone blogging over the weekend but as I read this weekend’s scripture. I knew I needed to write about the message of Mercy. I have a tendency to hold grudges, which is not healthy because forgiveness really serves to heal in my opinion and as we read in Matthews 5:43-6:24 we should be merciful and love one another as Christ has called us to do. I have been upset at an individual for something they did and it was taking a toll on my heart, I was sad and couldn’t figure out why until I decided to call that person and offer them mercy and forgiveness. As much as I felt hurt I knew they were also hurting so I couldn’t sit idly by on my anger “high-horse” This message hit me so hard I knew I needed to address it and let anyone that is reading know that if you’re in a similar situation ask the Lord to soften your heart and find a way to forgive. 
Todays reading covered a number of topics but one message resonated with the most and that is, faith. In both the old testament and new testament passages having faith in what God and Jesus told Lot, Abraham, Sarah and the Centurion would be came to pass. I think too often we claim to have faith but we worry, or we agonize over what we know God has already placed on our hearts to do or not to do. We too often attempt to take things into our own hands instead of having faith. As I have entered into motherhood and have been entrusted to raise and a person I quickly realized that I must have faith to get through everyday. Elizabeth Stone once said, “It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” In my case crawling around but the sentiment remains. I must have faith to be a mother and a wife because I can’t control what My Gerard’s do. I trust that God will protect them when I am with them and apart from them and then once I’ve prayed I trust that they are protected. 

Lord, help me to be more like the Centurion, unwavering in my faith. Trusting in you at all times. Help me to listen to what you would have me to do and to remain steadfast in your word. Thank you for giving the heart to forgive, help me to be quicker to forgive and slow to anger. Amen.

Happy Monday,


One thought on “Faith and Mercy

  1. What a reminder Teara! Sometimes, especially for women of our generation who have had the power of choices and action in so much of our lives, it is truly difficult to release ourselves to others.


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