The Tower of Babel

(Thursday, January 5th Post)

Genesis 11: 1- 9

I apologize for being late on my posting. Thursday evening I was hit by a nasty stomach bug that took me out Thursday evening and all day Friday. Thank God for the snow day so I could recover without stress!

So as I was reading about the Tower of Babel on Thursday I had a lot of questions about why God would be mad the people in the land of Babylonia were unified and working to achieve a common goal. Of course, as I reread the passage I understood more that God was not mad they were unified. He was mad they were unified with the desire to seek glory and fame for themselves. He was also cautious of what they could accomplish in their unity. Even God was amazed by their unity and said,

“The people are united, and they all speak the same language, After this, nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them!” (Gen. 11:6)

My A-Ha out of this…

–>Unity is a powerful tool just make sure you are united for the right purpose! <–

Today, especially in social media land, it is SO easy to get sucked into word wars, cause battles, “we are right and you are wrong” conversations. I know I have fallen victim to it more than a few times. We think we are unifying with these strangers ,who are somewhere in the real world, via  social media and we are causing change to happen. We think someone’s mind is going to be changed by that one opinion I reformulated 1000 times to get just right. Once we post our opinions or facts we then look for, wait on, anticipate the international symbol of unifying awesomeness…the coveted THUMBS UP. Sometimes our plan backfires. Am I right? An argument arises, judgement begins to happen, chaos and confusion ensue. Which was not at all your intention but you got caught up in everyone agreeing with you and speaking the same language that it all got out of hand. Hopefully you see where I am going with this.

God was not mad the people were unified he was mad at their goal in unity. They were seeking to glorify themselves. He was afraid of what they would accomplish and how it would do more damage than good. God coming down to change their tongues and scatter them shows the power that lies within unity. Unity can be used for good or evil. It can glorify God or distract from God. In the case of the people of Babylonia, their unity was for evil and not to glorify God. God is a jealous God so he was NOT having that! They were putting all their energy into building this magnificent “Ode to Them” by making bricks and spreading tar when they could have been putting their unified energy into the plan of God and making a difference for his kingdom and purpose.

The point I am making is be careful what you unite yourself with. God will either bless it or cause confusion and the unity to be no more. Seek God on the choices you make even the conversations you engage in. We want to make sure we are ALWAYS united with the Spirit of God first and foremost. Imagine the achievements the body of Christ could accomplish if we were 100% united under the word of God, seeking for God’s will, and working towards HIS goals. God wouldn’t have to scatter us and the devil would run!!

Here is to your energies in 2017 being put into God things an uniting with him to get righteous things accomplished!






2 thoughts on “The Tower of Babel

  1. I’m so glad you’re feeling better Ashley! I was reading this passage over and over again this week as well. I wonder, when you look at our world of technology and constant connectededness how similiar we are to Babel. Thank you for writing this!

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    1. I hope it made sense!! I was worries I wasn’t very clear. It is kinda scary how similar we are and can even more become to the people of Babel. Everyone, in their own way in social media, is after their own agendas and promoting themselves. I know God is not pleased with how some of the saints, or aints lol, present themselves and what ideas and opinions they connect themselves to.


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