Wow! It is already 2017 and I love that this one year plan begins with the creation of the world and man. As I am reflecting on the words I’ve read, what sticks out to me is God blessing man to have dominion over the Earth. My sister in law became a vegan within the last few years and when my son was born she came to help with the baby and I learned so much about her lifestyle change and why she chose to become a vegan. What it really came down to for her was, we have been blessed with this great responsibility to have dominion over the earth and to protect and have sovereignty over it. She does not agree with the killing of animals and therefore she chose not to eat them. She didn’t sway my husband or I to become vegans but she did get me to thinking about how I wanted to treat myself and what I wanted to put in my body. Additionally, she made me think about the way we do treat animals and how they get to our grocery stores which caused me to buy food differently and to overall think differently. I think reminding us of why we were created is a great way to kick-off the new year because it reminds us of the power we have been given that God literally breathes life into us and that we are worthy of this new year and the many blessings it holds.


Happy New Year Folks, you have 364 more opportunities to make it great!

One thought on “Dominion

  1. Thanks for your insight. I have often thought about this exact point. We were given charge of the land and the animals and I don’t take it lightly. I am not a vegan or vegetarian either but I believe we have a responsibility to take care of the earth and its creatures. One of the reasons my husband and I enjoy our little farm is that we know our chickens, dairy goats, and other animals have been and will continue to be taken care of with responsibility. I thank God daily for the nourishment and enjoyment they bring us.


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